Denim Road is music without boundaries. Denim Road is dynamic music that is exciting, catchy, soulful, and sincere. 

The musicians in Denim Road have a rapport that allows each player's individual influences and ideas to elevate the music while still remaining soulful and grounded. Denim Road is adventurous, fun, exciting, tasteful, and heartfelt.
Guitarist Jim Zuzow's songs are melodic and harmonically captivating. George Harp's soaring and sensitive vocal interpretations bring the songs to life. The solid, tasteful drumming of Kevin Ross is complimented by percussionist Craig Ballard's energetic, creative, and playful interaction. Bassist Robbie Lewis provides the bottom end sound and soul that anchors the rhythm section and drives the band. Keyboardist Gary Grawe’s solid musicianship is the glue that pulls the tunes together.

Denim Road has released three albums. A fourth CD, entitled "Harlan County LIne" will be released in March 2017, and the band has begun recording new tunes for its fifth CD which is expected to be released late in 2017.